"There is a way to do

it better. Find it."

  - Thomas Edison       

It's time to jump in the shower after a very busy day... and of course, the water is too cold, then too hot. With barely more than a trickle, I do my best to wash off after a days hard work. With all the other frustrations in my life, I just wanted to escape for a few minutes to take a hot shower, but instead I am cursing whoever just flushed the toilet again! I was fed up and determined to find a solution.


It was simple. All I wanted reliable, powerful, consistent water pressure with endless hot water for my family and I. Without interference from any other appliance or toilet, I wanted it to feel as if I was the only person on earth taking a hot shower. Surely in our age of technology someone had found a solution, right?


Over the next six months I googled, called, researched and questioned. I spoke to everyone with the potential knowledge to solve my problem; My city plumbing engineer, nationwide specialist, and even the experts of pumps and pressure tanks. Not only did they say they couldn't fix my water pressure, but some people treated me like a idiot for even asking! One engineer actually told me, "I'll tell you how to solve your problem, stop trying to take three showers at once!"

Being told there is no solution is something I simply won't accept. I'm an entrepreneur and inventor at heart, and with my burning passion to find the answer, Aquaflow Innovations became a reality. This obstacle was now an opportunity. 


Two years later, after working with several great experts and forward thinkers, we've come up with a System that is simple, noninvasive, affordable, and most importantly, effective!

If you can relate to my experience at all and are ready for a change, I hope you will call to find out more. There is no problem without a solution and we are extremely passionate about that. 

- Aquaflow Innovations Founder